All the products we manufacture are available to Trade and Public customers and have the following fitted as standard:


All Products

High Security Fittings on all Windows & Doors

Fully Reinforced

28mm Low E Glass Units

Compliant with Scottish Building Standards Authority

Internally beaded


Casement Windows

Twin Cam Espagnolette

Double Cams for Extra Security

Adjustable Cams for Sash Compression

Double Striker Plate for Night Ventilation

Stainless Steel Hinges


Tilt & Turn Windows


Adjustable keeps for Sash Compression

Easy access for cleaning upstairs windows


Doors & French Doors

The Fuhr Lever Operated Doorbolt

2 x Hooks, 2 x Rollers & Deadbolt

Adjustable Latch Sealing Pressure

Adjustable Hook Bolt Sealing Pressure

Multipoint function provides enhanced Noise Reduction & Heat Insulation

French Doors have a Double Handle and Security Keeps

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