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Claymore Windows Door Colours

Doors Tailored to meet your requirements


All our doors are individually made to suit your requirements. Choose from fully panelled, half panelled, half glazed or fully glazed, open in or out, left or right hung or select the option of a low threshold for easy access for pushchairs and wheelchairs.

The glazing options include patterned, stained, leaded and frosted. Doors are available in a selection of colours. Our profiles are reinforced for added strength and have high security multi-locking systems, weathertight seals and insulated frames.

Residential Doors

The entrance to your home should serve two purposes; welcome you, your family and your visitors and keep out unwelcome intruders.  Choosing PVCu doors made form Selecta profiles gives you the additional benefit of keeping in heat, therefore keeping down costs.

Styles: All our doors are individually made to suit your requirements.  choose from fully glazed, depending on the level of privacy and light you require

Openings: Whether you require an inward or outward opening door, left or right hung or select the option of a low threshold for easy access for pushchairs and wheelchairs, you can rest assured that your new door will function perfectly

Security: Our profiles are reinforced for added strength in high winds and to resist attack from intruders.  High security multi-locking systems provide additional reassurance that the only people entering your home are those you invite in.  

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Claymore Windows Composite Doors

Composite Doors

We also supply composite doors for a more traditional timber look. Composite doors are available in a varied range of colours and styles.


Hurst Composite Doors Brochure

French Doors & Patio Doors  

Traditional French Doors provide a glamorous solution to letting light into your home.  Whilst they are practical and convenient allowing easy access to gardens and conservatories, French Doors can be as decorative as your new windows and doors, with patterned, stained, leaded or frosted glass.

Patio Doors are available in 2, 3 or 4 pane options to give a panoramic view of your garden.  The use of safety glass adds extra peace of mind.  Your new patio doors are designed to insulate against draughts and noise, but fitting internal or external vents provides a safe and draught free option to allow air circulation.

High security hinges add reassurance, keeping out intruders and protecting against the weather.



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